Comments Policy

We welcome comments not only from feminists and allies, but also from people who disagree with our posts.    However, we have the following policy for comments that will be accepted.

1. All comments by first-time commenters have to be approved by the editors before they appear on the blog. This may take from one minute to 24 hours.  After the first comment from a commenter has been accepted, any subsequent comment from the commenter will be posted immediately, but will still be reviewed by the editors and deleted if it does not meet the comment criteria.

2. Comments should debate the issues while respecting other people’s views and beliefs. Comments that launch personal attacks or that are hurtful and insulting will not be accepted.

3. Comments that contain hate speech, or racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks will not be accepted.

4. Comments that are obviously unrelated to the post and the comments that precede it, or clearly do not contribute to the ongoing debate, will not be accepted.

5. Notification will not be given for comments which are not accepted.

6. We use our discretion in determining which comments meet the criteria and which we will not allow to be posted (or which we will delete after being posted).

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