The All-Women “Last Supper”

Friends of mine were showing me their photos from a recent trip to Spain.  One of the photos was taken in the Church of Santa Maria la Mayor in Ronda, Spain.  Remarkably, the photo is of a painting in the church that depicts the “Last Supper,” but with all women, including a female Christ.

I did some googling and was unable to find any details about the painting such as the artist and when it was done.  In fact, I only found a very few photos of it.  One of the photos has a comment that the painting was “smuggled” into the church, but that seems suspect since it has apparently been there for quite some time.  Another photo had the comment that “The bishop who commissioned the work was apparently losing his sight and didn’t notice.”  If anyone has any information about the painting, please let us know.  Here it is for your enjoyment.


6 Responses

  1. Qué interesante esta pintura de una iglesia de Ronda, llamado “La última Cena”. En realidad está reflejando las verdaderas orgías femeninas prepatriarcales, porque eso precisamente define la fiesta sagrada Orgía, banquete exclusivamente femenino, presidido por una Sacerdotisa Orgiasta. Culminaba los Misterios de labrado y siembra en honor de las Diosas Demeter o Cibeles, bajo el amparo de la Diosa Cicinia de la Disolución, de la licencia en las orgías (E. U. I., T. 56, 1988).

  2. Interesting… I am from Spain and I have been to Ronda. I had never seen this before…

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