Gilbert Arenas and the NRA

You don’t have to be a sports fan to know the news about the NBA’s Gilbert Arenas and the gun incidents.  I would imagine that virtually everyone condemns his actions.  But where has the NRA been on this?  I haven’t seen any statement from the NRA and there is nothing on their website about it.

Aren’t Arena’s actions a logical consequence of the policies that the NRA is always pushing?  After all, they push individual gun possession with no governmental controls.  They push for allowing individuals to carry guns virtually anywhere they want.  And Arenas did not hurt anyone and apparently did not even threaten anyone.  From the NRA’s warped point-of-view, how is this any different than having guns in an individual’s home and having an argument while friends are over?  You would think that the only thing the NRA would be upset about is the fact there were laws that Arenas may be prosecuted under and that the NBA has a collective bargaining agreement that prohibits players from having weapons on NBA property.

So, NRA, shouldn’t you be defending Arenas?  Wasn’t Arenas just exercising the Second Amendment “rights” that you are always saying are so dear to you?  As your website says, wasn’t Arenas just exercising “the inalienable right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment”?

For those of you are proponents of gun control (and may even hate the NRA as much as I do), consider supporting the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence or other pro-gun-control organizations.  Unfortunately, there are no legal means to abolish the NRA, but we can fight them.


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